Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Trails To Ilgorn by Roger Huff

This clean read will tickle your adventurous bone while turning your mind to the Savior. You can find the book HERE
I started this book with little understanding of what it was about, so the plot unfolding before me caused me to think and ponder not just the words, but the meaning the author put behind them. This novel follows the story of a royal family who is torn apart by an evil man, Raphical. Throughout this story I began to draw lines and links between the plot and stories that I know from the Bible. The story unfolded in a way much like the writing of CS Lewis, never really pointing directly to religion, but subtly exploring the beliefs of all Christians. I believe that this book will appeal not only to the avid Christian reader, but also to those who love a good adventure book. The plot, while indirectly tying itself to the Bible did not shout morals or a specific theology. It was overall an enjoyable read that kept me interested and caused me to think. I would recommend this book to any age, specifically targeting the young adult and middle grades.

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