Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love, Unmasked By Vivian Roycroft

A charming novella by Vivian Roycroft called Love, Unmasked can be found HERE.
This is a QUICK read. With only 80 pages of text, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the novella due to the short length. I was pleasantly surprised! Now, if you are looking for a well written CLEAN romance, this is for you! There are no sex scenes, scandalous or otherwise. There is romance... Plenty of romance. This story follows a spinster woman named Fidelity in her search of one night of unabashed lust. She is about to embark on the arduous journey to the countryside to live out the remainder of her days as an unmarried, undesirable woman. She yearns for one night of passion and lust to dwell on throughout her dull future. Little does she know that the object of her desire is a boorish rogue that would have his way with her, soiling her reputation in the process. She finds herself in the arms of a wonderful mysterious stranger instead who wins her heart and shows her that there is love out there for everyone. I rather enjoyed this story, the characters and the fact that although a clean read, there was still plenty of heart skipping passion. Well done Vivian.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mission to Mahjundar By Veronica Scott

WOWSER! I just became engulfed by a world completely different and exciting in the novel Mission to Mahjundar by Veronica Scott. The book can be found HERE.

This book has it all! Romance, action, gritty battle scenes, death, otherworldly aliens, I couldn't put it down! This story follows Mike, your typical off world soldier with a mission on a typical closed planet. At least thats what he thinks when he gets to Mahjundar. He is asked to escort an Imperial Princess to meet her husband after he saves her from a bomb blast, delaying strict orders to retrieve something of value from an accidental spaceship wreck. Against his better judgement he agrees to escort the blind Princess to meet her betrothed. During their trial-ridden journey Mike ends up falling in love with the beautiful Princess Shalira. He is in for one heck of a ride as he attempts to save the Princess from certain death. This story is beautiful in the telling. Veronica Scott is equal to any science fiction writer from Orson Scott Card to Anne McCaffrey. I encourage you to pick this book up and give it a go. One aside to the writer: the one explicit sex scene in the book is not needed and overdone. As a matter of fact the scene felt rather vulgar in comparison to the overall writing style and out of place. In the future I would suggest a milder approach to that particular scene... Less is more. This book does contain some explicit material and is not suitable for children. I normally would not review a book with such an explicit scene, but the writing style itself is magnificent. I commend the author and congratulate her on an imaginative, unique work. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blue Sun, Yellow Sky by Jamie Jo Hoang

Blue Sun, Yellow Sky is a novel written by Jamie Jo Hoang and can be found HERE
To start off with, this novel has beautiful cover art. It caught my eye and my attention almost immediately. I loved the colors she used and the simplicity of the cover. I would buy this book in a bookstore based of the cover alone. Aubrey is the main character and she is a nationally recognized artist. In her late 20's she is given a diagnosis from her doctor that she will soon be blind. She decides to go on a trek across the world to see it all before she loses what is most precious to her. I loved how the author talked in detail about different sites around the world. As an avid traveler, I loved picturing the different wonders of the world and imagining traveling there myself. The book overall was not my favorite. For me it crawled at a snails pace and lasted far too long. I hate to write that I anything but loved the book because I know how difficult writing your first novel is. You expose yourself to the world and write your heart on every page. As a reviewer though, I write the truth of how I feel about a book that I read and have to be honest. I do think that this author has amazing potential and I can see in the reviews that there are many who love her novel. If you like heartfelt books about finding yourself, I think that you might enjoy this novel. Give it a go and leave a review for this wonderful author!