Monday, March 9, 2015

A Warrior's Tale: Imago Chronicles Book 1

I just had the pleasure of reading an epic novel entitled A Warrior's Tale: Imago Chronicles Book 1 by Lorna T. Suzuki. Exciting, thrilling, exotic and splashed with adventure, this book will leave you speechless! Find it HERE
This novel follows a young warrior Nayla Treeborn throughout her incredibly long life. The main character is a woman of mixed heritage and has an internal struggle throughout the novel detailing her need to belong, but failing to fit in with either ancestry. She is half elf, half human and is derogatorily called a half-caste. The elves think she is too human with her profound emotions and (not so) rapid aging. The humans think she is elvish with her pointed ears, keen hearing and incredibly long life. She witnesses generations of humans pass on throughout her life while aging very little. She escaped the abuse of her father to become a secretive Kagai warrior within a hidden community and uses her power to aid in the salvation of the people she has grown to love. She finds comfort in the arms of an Elvish lover, but true love is kept at bay from her vulnerable heart.

The main character was so real, so believable and so easy to identify with that I wonder if the author wrote her heart onto the pages. The men and elves that she works with are complex, intriguing and overall well written. I found the love story between Nayla and Joval to add a certain excitement to the novel that both intrigued and frustrated me. I was laughing out loud during portions of the book, and honestly almost yelled at it a few times too. I wanted to scream at the heroine, "Stop being an idiot! You know you love him!" Now if that is not an amazing book, I don't know what is. I was so emotionally invested in this book, I stayed up far past my bedtime in an effort to figure out what would happen next... Only to be left hanging at the end of the book. Oh well, time for book two!

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