Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love, Unmasked By Vivian Roycroft

A charming novella by Vivian Roycroft called Love, Unmasked can be found HERE.
This is a QUICK read. With only 80 pages of text, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the novella due to the short length. I was pleasantly surprised! Now, if you are looking for a well written CLEAN romance, this is for you! There are no sex scenes, scandalous or otherwise. There is romance... Plenty of romance. This story follows a spinster woman named Fidelity in her search of one night of unabashed lust. She is about to embark on the arduous journey to the countryside to live out the remainder of her days as an unmarried, undesirable woman. She yearns for one night of passion and lust to dwell on throughout her dull future. Little does she know that the object of her desire is a boorish rogue that would have his way with her, soiling her reputation in the process. She finds herself in the arms of a wonderful mysterious stranger instead who wins her heart and shows her that there is love out there for everyone. I rather enjoyed this story, the characters and the fact that although a clean read, there was still plenty of heart skipping passion. Well done Vivian.

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